DIG IT Volleyball Club 

Dig It Mission Statement:

At Dig It Volleyball Club we believe the key to advanced development is a strong foundation of proper technique. Players who master fundamental volleyball skills benefit by improving quicker, and are more confident on the court because of the solid base they have worked hard to obtain. This advantage encourages our athlete to achieve their goals.   

Team Philosophy and Goals 

Team Philosophy:
-Proper body technique (master the fundamentals)
-Give 100%, 100% of the time
-Practice how you play – every ball, every time
-Communication is key – both on & off the court
-Evolve immediately (the game is always changing)
-Respect – the game and each other
-Always remember to have FUN & PLAY smart  

Team Goals:
-Master individual skills to help increase the groundwork for yourself as well as your teammates   
-Advance development through proper technique
-Improve as a whole through communication, respect, friendship and trust